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HifiBerry case for AMP+, DIGI+, DAC+ - Black Pi 3B+


Black case

  • Raspberry-Pi 2/3
  • Mold
  • HifiBerry Digi+, RCA+, Amp+

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A case to secure your Raspberry Pi 2/3 + HifiBerry board

Here is a mold PVC case realized by HighPi. It's composed of two elements, a base and a lid.
Once assembled, this case can receive your Raspberry Pi3, Pi3B+, Pi 2, Pi B+ and your HiFiBerry AMP+ card (the HifiBerry with integrated amplifier) or HiFiBerry Digi+ or HiFiBerry DAC+.

A precut opening is provided to gain access to the various connections of your HiFiBerry card.

Please note that this case is not compatible with the Raspberry-Pi 4 form factor (see that version instead).


When this case is used with the HiFiBerry DAC + ADC board, the sound input jack protude from the hifi board and is lower than cinch. As a consequence, the input jack is lower than opening in the box. You will have to use a dremel or a file to remove a bit of material in the openning (5mm) to allow the input jack to perfectly fit in the case.


For each order, you'll receive a case.


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