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DINrPlate for Raspberry Pi


35mm DIN Rail support for Raspberry-Pi / ODroid C2

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Assemble Raspberry-Pi / ODroid C2 on DIN rail with ease.

Do you need to assemble your Pi /C2 into an industrial case... or assemble several Pi/C2... or create a Cluster of Raspberry-Pi/C2... that's now quite easy with the DINrPLATE!

DINrPlate is designed to work with 35mm DIN Rail. That will ease the assembly in many situation. A very good point for DINrPLATE is the securing pad for the Raspberry power plus (secured with a cable tie) which avoids accidental PI's un-powering.


For each order, you will receive a DINrPLATE, a cable tie and the screws to secure de Pi on the DINrPLATE. The Raspberry-Pi, USB cable, DIN rail and other items are not included.


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