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12V 16A power supply  - DC/DC - professionnal usage View larger

12V 16A power supply - DC/DC - professionnal usage


Power supply 12V 240W

  • Input: 90-305V AC, 4A
  • Output: 12V CC, 16A
  • For LED lightning and light display.
  • Able to tune constant current control (between 8 and 16A).

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A high quality power supply able to deliver a bunch of power

This power supply bloc is suited for professional usage (it has power cords but no plugs). It can work with a wide range of alternative voltage, which is great if your supply network is not very stable. The output voltage is obtain with a DC-DC converter (switching PSU).

This PSU does have protection against short-circuits, overload, over-voltage and overheat. Notice that the case is used to dissipate the heat, so make sure to ventilate it to avoids overheat conditions.

This PSU is designed to supply LED and light panel which may be very useful for light base maker projects.
As this PSU is designed for lightning usage, it is not suited to install it on an audio based project (HiFi audio project need higher quality filtering).

  • AC Input AC (110 - 240V) - 4A
  • active PFC function (fix the power factor).
  • Protection: short-circuit, over-voltage, overheat, overload
  • Cooling via the case
  • Adjustable OCP point (Over Current Protection, internal pot)
  • Suited for LED lightning and panel display
  • Indice IP: IP65
  • Professional usage, this device should be installed by technician.

High power - be careful

This power supply is made for professional usage. As result, there is no plugs (only wires), so you would have to connect on your domestic AC network... which may be dangerous if you don't have the suited skill. It is very important to ask help of someone having the appropriate skill to connect it. Thonk about your safety.

This power supply can supply up to 16A under 12V (so 12x16 = 190W). This is a very high power in electronic, enough to burn components, resistors, etc. With this huge amount of power under the hand, you can virtually put the fire to everything you want without any difficulties to the PSU. So be aware.

Technical details

  • Output:
    • voltage: 12 V (from 6V to 12V in constant current)
    • Nominal current: 16 A
    • Nominal power: 192 W
    • Noise: 150 mVp-p
    • Voltage adjust: 11.2 V to 12.8 V
    • Current range adjustment: from 8 to 16A (for constant current working)
      Adjustement with internal pot.
  • Input:
    • Voltage range: 90-305 VAC
    • Frequence range: 47 to 63 Hz
    • Efficiency (typ.): 90 %
    • CA current: 4 A @ 115 VCA, 2 A @ 230 VCA
    • Start current (typ.): cold starting 75 A @ 230 VCA
    • Quiescent current: < 0.75 mA @ 277 VCA
  • protection:
    • Overload current:
      • 95 to 108 %
      • Kind of protection: constant current limitation, automatic recovery.
    • Short-circuit: hiccup mode, automatic recovery after issue fixing.
    • Over-voltage:
      • 15.5 V to 18 V
      • Kind of protection: output shutdown, automatic recovery
    • Overheat:
      • 105 °C ± 5 °C (TSW1)
      • Kind of protection: hiccup mode, automatic recovery after cooling
  • Size: 244.2 x 68 x 38.8 mm
  • Weight: 1.3 kg


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