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Zero Protector - case for Pi Zero Pi Zero W



Protector case for Pi Zero or Pi Zero W

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A maker's oriented protector case for the Pi Zero

Here is a case easy to assemble and made to be efficient. The main advantage is its compactness.
This is not a full box but pieces of material to gently keep your Pi Zero in safe area and avoids short-circuit.

This protector is designed to be stylish, nice and practical (mostly for people that want to bring their Pi Zero in the pocket ;-) ).
This case is only compatible with the Pi Zero / Pi Zero W!

The product is made of 2 pieces of laser-cut acrylic assembled with screws. the protector is completely clear so you can see your beloved Pi Zero inside. All the Pi Zero connectors are made available: mini HDMI, microSD, camera port, power connector (micro USB) and micro USB port. An opening is made to gain access to the GPIO, just solder a 2x20 connector and you are ready to use it.


This product is composed of 2 acrylic items (laser-cut) and screws. The Pi Zero cables and other items are not included (those items are use to illustrate the product).

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