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pHAT HUB USB 4 ports for Pi Zero, Pi Zero W



  • Connected with PoGo pin (under the PiZero)
  • 4 Port USB 2.0
  • Powered by the Pi Zero
  • Also compatible Pi 2 / Pi 3 B / Pi 3 B+

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An USB HUB with 4 port taillored for the Pi Zero or Pi Zero W

This is a 4-port USB hub for Raspberry Pi Zero that doesn't require additionnal cable to make it working. This add-on board to Raspberry Pi Zero back-to-back. After mounting, your Pi-Zero has immediately an USB hub with 4 additional USB. As it is USB 2.0 compliant, it can transfert the data at high-speed.

The magic of this HUB is made by the 4 pogo pins on the back that will connect the PP1, PP6, PP22 and PP23 testing pads. Those Pi Zero testing pad also carry signal that can be used by extension board. With the Pogo pins, no need for iron and soldering.

The USB hub will source its power directly from the from Pi Zero, so you don’t need to power the USB hub separately. If you need more power on the HUB, you can use the on board JST XH2.54 connector as alternate power input.

There are one blue LED on board as the power indicator, and four white LED aside the USB ports as transaction indicators.

Note this board can also be used as external USB HUB. In this case, connect the mini-USB port to your host computer and this board will act as USB HUB.


  • 1x USB hub board (4-port)
  • 4x plastic spacer (5 x 4mm)
  • 4x M2.5 plastic screw
  • 4x M2.5 plastic nut

Pi Zero not included.



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