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Official Pi Zero Case + camera ribon


  • Official Pi Zero case
  • 3 covers (plain, GPIO opening, camera opening)
  • Pi camera ribon
  • Raspberry color

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The ideal case for every kind of activity with the PiZero

This case is not only a functionnal case, it is also very well designed. With the case, you receive several covers so you can adapt the case to the final usage of your Pi Zero / Pi Zero W.

  • The plain cover - you can simply close the case.
  • The GPIO opening - with an opening to access the GPIO (you can insert the cobbler connector through the cover)
  • The camera opening - you can place the official camera inside the case and use the camera ribbon to bind the camera to the Pi Zero.

The case is also supplied with a mini Camera Ribon Adapter. Great, you can use your camera with your PiZero / PiZero W. The camera can seat inside the official case... whoaw!

The bottom of the case also offers a opening. You can access the GPIO under the Pi. This would be really great if you wand to use a a Power Boost Charger and Lipo battery to create an autonomous Pi-Zero project.


For each order, you will receive:

  • The bottom part of the case (Raspberry's color)
  • The 3 cover as explaining in the product sheet.
  • The Pi Camera mini ribon.

The Raspberry-Pi, camera and other items are not included. Those items are used to show the purpose of the various parts of the case.


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