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PiZero W Starter Pack


  • Pi Zero W v1.3
  • 16 Go SD Card with Noobs
  • Mini HDMI + mini USB
  • T-Cobbler + add-on for prototyping
  • High quality Power Supply (2.5A)

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Advanced kit with additional material for Pi Zero W

This kit is suited for makers and hackers that wants to start with Pi Zero with the best comfort for an affordable amount.

You will find the items of our Pi Zero basic pack together with somes items that will make a big différences in your experiments.

As for the basic pack, you will find a pre-burned SD card (with Noobs), a mini HDMI connector to wire your Pi Zero on a HDMI screen. The micro USB cable to USB A will allow you to wire some USB device ... you can wire an USB HUB or a mouse/keyboard combo.

This pack includes the  wonderful Pi Zero officia case. This cas include several covers with one cover suited for electronic prototyping and another one suited for the Pi Camera. The best for the end, the official case also include a camera ribbon... so you will be able to use you Pi Camera or Pi Cam NoiR with your brand new Pi Zero Wireless... Yeah!

The third item is the Adafruit T-Cobbler with extra. It will help you to easily and faslty wire sensors and components on your Pi Zero. The Pi Zero is a extraordinary plateform for embedded project. With it, you can build WiFi caméra, a wireless robot (thank to the DRV8835 motor controler see this french tutorial), a WiFi enabled sensors station, ... the projects that can be achieved with the cobbler are only limited by your imagination. We did incluided some extra like button and 2 LEDs to quickly start your expériements as soon as you did unbox your Pi Zero W.

The PiZero W is not very demanding in power but as this kit is foreseen for electronic prototyping, we think very important to supply it with a high quality PSU. So we included the official 2.5 amp Raspberry-Pi power supply. This performant PSU will offer a perfectly filtered voltage, even when providing higher current. It is a perfect PSU to make electronic experiment with the Pi Zero / Pi Zero W.

This kit also include a section of 2x20 pinHeader. You will need to solder it on your PiZero GPIO to plug the cobbler or Hat or pHAt. Solder the pinHeader on the GPIO should takes only few minutes even for a beginner..


Highly recommended

If you are to electronic hacking, you can leave the 2x20 pinHeader aside and select a 2x20 female connector or 2x20 right angle female connector to create more exotic connexion with your Pi Zero.

Recommended accessories

We also strongly recommend some additionnal parts and pieces to make your Pi Zero computing experience easier.

  • USB Powered Hub - a powered hub like this one allows you to plug in any kind of USB devices without overloading the Zero's power supply. (You can also, ironically, power the Zero from the hub itself by plugging in a micro USB cable into the hub)
  • Mini Wireless Keyboard with Trackpad - Requires only one USB port, which makes it a great match for the Pi Zero. We have several models: the standard one, the ergonomic keyboard and the  fabulous multifunctions keyboard.
  • Ethernet Hub and USB Hub - would add USB and wired Ethernet support to your Pi Zero!


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