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1 x solderless male header 2x20 pins - HAMMER pinHeader


  • Raspberry-Pi / Pi Zero
  • 2x20 PinHeader (2 rows)
  • Gold plated
  • Straight
  • Without Solder (Hammer connector)

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Solderless GPIO connector for Raspberry-Pi

The "pin header" on the Raspberry-Pi is the double rows of mâle pin used to connect HATs and electronic devices on the Raspbbery-Pi, this connector is SOLDERLESS and designed to be pushed inside the GPIO.

This type of connector is also called HAMMER connector because you can plug it into the GPIO's holes by using an hammer... by doing it gently with care (to not destroy your Pi).
See this mini tutorial that shows how to insert the HAMMER connector on the Raspberry-Pi.

This version has a double row of 20 pins. This is the correct size for the GPIO. The root of each pin has a special deformation used to grimp the base into the GPIO's holes.

The electrical contact between the pinHeader and the hole is ensured by the gold plating on the pinHeader. The gold plating avoids oxidations and ensure a good electrical contact.

Thanks to this connector, you can plug a Pi-Cobbler+T-Cobbler+ , Hats and pHat on your Pi Zero.


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