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Pi Camera stand / support


Support/stand for Pi Camera

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The Pi cam support made to be simple and efficient

Simple and effective, here is a support to keep your Pi camera in place.
This support is made by laser cutting on black acrylic (plexiglass) 3 mm thick. The kit includes 4 nylon nuts and screws to fix your Pi camera as soon as it comes out of the case. 

Although seemingly simple, this report has several really nice benefits:

  1. It is lightweight, so you can fix it on a servo motor (even micro) to create an adjustable camera :-) 
  2. It has a 3 mm wide slot (x15 mm long) on its base to place a fixing screw.
  3. It is acrylic, so you can heat it locally to adapt the inclination to your needs before placing the camera module. 

Technical details

  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Height: 45mm
  • width: 27mm


  • The acrylic support
  • 4 Screws + 4 Nylon nuts (fixing the camera)

Camera module not included.


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