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Multi-camera adapter for Raspberry-Pi V2.2


Multi-Camera module for Raspberry-Pi

  • for 5MP, 8MP, 12MP Camera
  • 4 CSI port --> Raspberry-Pi
  • No mixing
  • Sequentiel access to the cameras
  • For Raspberry-Pi 2 & followings
  • Requires 3 GPIOs

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Wire up to 4 cameras on a single seul Raspberry-Pi

This board is designed to connect up to 4 cameras on a single Raspberry-Pi.  The electronic on the board allows the Pi to select the camera source by manipulating the electronic latches on the board.

Data transfert for full 5MP and 8MP cameras takes time, so fast capture and switching is not possible at such high resolution.
Low resolution, low frame capture with switching allow to create a surveillance demo with 4 cameras

  • Connects up to 4 cameras: 5MP, 8MP, 12MP cameras to a single CSI camera port on an RPi board.
  • For Raspberry-Pis
  • All camera ports are FFC (flexible flat cable) connectors
  • Cameras work in sequential, not simultaneously.
  • High resolution still image photography
  • Youtube demonstration available.

Such board can be used to create IoT cameras, Camera's robot, Wildlife capture camera or 3D scanner


For each order, you will receive the Multi-Camera board and a ribbon to connect the board on the Camera CSI port of the Raspberry-Pi.

The Raspberry-Pi, the Camera and camera ribbon not included.



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