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Bright light + IR light for Pi Camera - fully controlable


Control the camera lighting from the Raspberry-Pi

  • Visible light (4 LEDs)
  • Infrared light (8 LEDs)
  • Control via I2C (command line, Python, other software)

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Having a controlable light in IR and/or visible light for the Camera Pi

This add on board for the Pi Camera allows to add controlable light (via I2C bus) in both white visible light or infrared light. This board is placed on the Pi NoIR camera, the regular Pi Camera or with any other project requires bright LEDs controlable over I2C (so it also works with Arduino or MicroPython)!

This breakout can be plugged directly on the I2C interface available on the Raspberry-Pi's GPIO. The board can be controlled from the command line, or via Python and other programming languages. The LED drivers chip used on the board allow to control the emitting power.

Want to use colourful LEDs? No problem! The board can control any ~5v LEDs with the Raspberry-Pi's I2C interface. You can change the provided LED with color leds of your choice!

The board have M2 mounting holes like the Pi Cam module so it is easy to assemble it on your existing Pi Cam with the screws and spacers included.


For each order, you will receives

  • 1x PCB with LED driver pre-assembled
  • 4x White LEDs (Cree C513A-WSN-CV0Y0151 bright white LEDs)
  • 8x IR LEDs (LITEON HSDL-4261 bright LEDs)
  • 1x header (right angle)
  • 1x header cable (4 way, ~20cm)
  • 3x M2 spacer (12mm)
  • 1 x M2 nylon nuts (to use as spacers as well)
  • 1x info card
  • 3x stickers

Pi Camera, Raspberry-Pi, etc not included!



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