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Power Shield for Particle Photon


Easily add and monitor power with this shield that ships along with a 3.7V Li-Po battery

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The Power Shield (with header) is the best way to—you guessed it—provide power to your mobile Particle projects. Based around the MCP73871 battery management controller, this shield allows you to simultaneously power a Photon and charge a connected Li-Ion or Li-Po battery. You'll also be able to monitor battery levels using the Photon itself, which makes the Power Shield the best way to untether your wireless project.

Besides the on-board USB port, you can also use an external DC power supply or solar-cell to charge the battery.

Designed for use with the Photon, backwards compatible with the Core.


For each order, you will receive the powershield with header + a LiPo battery 400mAh (3.7V).

Technical details

  • Operating voltage: USB or External DC of 7 to 20V
  • Current consumption: 500mA max (USB) & 1.2A max (other DC sources)
  • Dimensions: 25.4 x 46.7mm

Take care of your LiPo

LiPo battery are incredibly powerful. They can be your best friend when you treat them with care and the worste devil if you abuse them, break them, bore them, cut them, overload/overdischarge them.
Always check that your LiPo has a protection circuitery (often under the yellow film).
Abusing or deteriorate LiPo could make it burning or firing during operation (look on the internet, there is many video of what happening when abusing a LiPo).
So take care of him.


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