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ODroid XU4 Android OS - eMMC 16Go


16Go eMMC module - Android OS for ODroid XU4 (eMMC 5.0)

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Operating System Android for ODROID-XU4 (Pre-installed Android 4.x or latest version).
Ready to run out of the box

Many nano-computer does use a microSD card to boot and starts the operating system.
ODroid can also boot the operating system from an eMMC module which offer better performance.

Include a eMMC Module Reader wich allows you to update the OS on the eMMC module.
A transcend USB multi-slot SD card reader (not included) is needed to read/write the eMMC Modue.

SD vs eMMC performance

You can boot from a MicroSD card or an eMMC module. The MicroSD interface supports the higher performance UHS-1 mode as well.
File access of a 512MB file (read/write) on three different storage options shows distinct performance differences.
The eMMC 5.0 storage is ~7x faster than the MicroSD Class-10 card in read tests. The MicroSD UHS-1 card is ~2x faster than the MicroSD Class-10 card in read tests. The MicroSD UHS-1 card provides a great low-cost option for many applications!

SD-Class10 Performance

  • Read: 18.9 MB/s
  • Write: 8.5 MB/s

SD-Class10 UHS1 Performance

  • Read: 35.9 MB/s
  • Write: 10.8 MB/s

eMMC 5.0 performance (this product)

  • Read: 140 MB/s
  • Write: 39.3 MS/s

Technical details

eMMC Version 5.0 interface or higher version from Toshiba or Sandisk.
JEDEC/MMCA version 5.0 : HS400 interface with 8bit DDR mode.



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