Expansion board for ODroid
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Expansion board for ODroid XU Series

Expansion board for XU series with LED, Button and sensors

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Expansion board with LED, buttons and sensors for ODroid XU plateform.
Compatible with XU / XU3 / XU4 Series

  • 4 x buttons (GPIO)
  • 1 x button (Power On)
  • 5 x LEDs (GPIO)
  • 1 x SPI Flash 2Mbit (Upto 20Mhz SPI clocking)
  • 1 x I2C Temperature/Pressure sensor BMP180
  • 1 x I2C Ambient Light sensor BH1780GLI
  • 1 x Trimpot(variable resistor) for ADC access


For each order, you will receive the expansion board + IDC cable

More details

Misc device driver
Device node : /dev/ioboard-spi-misc
Refer device/hardkernel/ioboard-spi.h source to read/write/erase the SPI Flash memory.

board_test : Default value is 1 and test mode. If this is 0, change to normal mode to read/write.
led1 ~ led5: write only. Chnage the LED state (1 : on, 0 : off)
sw1 ~ sw4: read only. Read the state of switch. (1 : pressed, 0 : released)
To read the Switch state, must use the polling method. (interrupt feature is not implemented)

enable : on/off (read/write)
value : ADC raw value (0~4095)
voltage : 0V ~ 1800mV

Ambient Light senor (Software driven bit-bang I2C)
enable : on/off (read/write)
lux : sensor value in Luix (0 ~ 65535 lux)

Pressure sensor/temperature sensor (Software driven bit-bang I2C)
enable : on/off (read/write)
pressure : atomospheric pressure, pa unit. (ex)101614(pa) = 1016.14hpa
temperature : 10 times.... (ex) 195 = 19.5C


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