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Audio module for PyBoard (Amp Skin)


Audio Module for MicroPython PyBoard

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A module to record and reproduce sounds on MicroPython PyBoard

This audio module does take place over the MicroPython Pyboard (The MicroPython board) and will allow you to record and playback small sounds. With this sound board, you can also générate Waveforms as the board use a DAC (Digital to Analogic Converter) for the Audio Output and a ADC (Analogic to Digital Converter) as audio input. The ADC is linked to a micro and pre-amplifier. The audio output is amplified and connected to a small speaker.

The output volume can be controled with a digital pot. easy to control with software (via I2C with a MCP4541).

To use this module, you will need some solder operation for the micro, the speaker and the pinHeader (they are included with the product but not yet soldered). Please see the video that show how to assemble the board.



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