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M5Stack : Servo module board, 12 channels


Module Servo for M5Stack

  • 12 channels
  • External Power (XT30 or Jack)
  • M014

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Add up to 12 servos on your M5Stack

This module propelled by an Atmega328 can generates PWM signal to control up to 12 servo motors.
This module is controled over I2C bus (over the M-Bus) and customized firmware on the Atmega328 simplify the I2C communication to the minimum.

The board logic is provided by the M5Stack while the motor power is taken via the XT30 female connector available on the side of the module (remember 5V for servo, 6V max. 14W max).
The module also includes an adapter to barrel jack (5.5mm, 2.1mm).


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