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M5Stack : M5 Faces pocket computer - calculator, keyboard, etc


M5Stack : Grey Kit ESP32 (IoT dev)

  • ESP32 512 Kb SRAM, 16 Mb Flash
  • LCD 320x240
  • Speaker
  • Buttons
  • BMM150 - 3 axis magnetometer
  • MPU6886 - 6 axis motion tracking
  • Lipo 600mAh
  • Replaceable multifunction panel
    GameBoy, Calculator, QWERTY

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The M5Stack Grey kit with additional interface to create a pocket computer

M5Stack FACES Kit is a all in one M5Stack kit, the ESP32-based Pocket Computer with swappable keyboard / Gaming / calculator panels! Each panel includes a MEGA328 microcontroler built inside and the face act as an I2C slave.

Thanks to the 3 differents panels, keyboard interaction with M5Core is now possible.

This open source kit is based on the grey kit providing the full-featured ressources of ESP32 + IMU to an attractive price.

M5Stack FACES Kit can be programmed with Arduino, MicroPython, blockly or UIFlow (from M5Stack). With the IMU (inertial central), the gray kit can apply to a lot of situation like detection acceleration, angulation and trajectory calculation.

The M5Stack grey includes a display, user interface, speaker, buttons, IMU. It is super easy to snap in any configuration you like, no soldering required. Upload your code with the built in USB C port.

These modules are all 5cm x 5cm and have a 2x15 pins of 2.54mm header (bringing out all the power and GPIO.


For each order, you will receive.

  • 1x Grey M5Stack with MPU6886 - Built in ESP32 module with 4MB Flash, SD card slot, 320x240 2.0" TFT and three buttons
  • 1x Keyboard Panel
  • 1x Gameboy Panel
  • 1x Calculator Panel
  • 1x Battery Base (650mAh) for multi-hour use.
  • 1x Charging Base with Grove I2C connector (takes about 30 minutes to fully charge)
  • 1x USB Type C Cable



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