UPS HAT for Raspberry-Pi - Uninterruptible Power Supply
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UPS HAT for Raspberry-Pi - Uninterruptible Power Supply

HAT UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply

  • Output: 5V 2.5A
  • Output: 5V USB
  • Input: 8.4V charger
  • Interface I2C for monitoring
  • 18650 batteries
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18650 based UPS Hat for Raspberry-Pi - 5V 2.5A

Firstly, it is a HAT so you can plug it directly on the Raspberry-Pi GPIO. Add two 18650 batteries, plug it onto the Pi and Voilà: your hat can load the batteries from external PSU and powier up the Raspberry-Pi. Once the batteries loaded, then disconnect the PSU and the HAT automagicaly switch over the batteries to power up the Raspberry-Pi.

This UPS fits a protection circuitery for  overload/over-dischage/over-current as well as short circuit and reverse polarity.
Next to the voltage regulator delivering 2.5A @ 5V (continuous supply), this HAT do also have load balancing circuitery.

It also feature a voltage monitoring as well as a current monitoriing (based on INA219) all available via I2C bus. Thanks to this, you can keep an eye on the 18650 Lipo Load/Unload status. Great to save working files before final power outage.

It is also possible to power-up external project thanks to the USB output fitted on the HAT.

The two warning LEDs on the board alert the user about the over-discharged batteries. Notice that LED are blinking when the battery is connected the wrong way.


  • This product requires 2x 18650 battery to work.
  • Delivred with US/EU PSU to reload the battery everywhere in the world. So this product contains a US -> EU adapter.

Technical details

  • Output voltage:5V 2.5A continuous
  • Charger:8.4V 2A US/EU
  • Control bus:I2C
  • Battery supported:18650 Li battery (NOT included)
  • Dimensions:56mm × 85mm
  • Mounting hole:3.0mm


For each order, you will receive tge UPS Hat, a 8.4V battery charger, some spacer.
Raspberry-Pi and 18650 Lipo batteries not included.


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