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[T] - Flora GPS starter Pack



Discovery pack for FLORA's wearable platform, includes GPS, NeoPixel, etc

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A GPS based wearable kit around the Flora

Take your first steps in the the world of wearable electronics with the fabulous Flora platform of AdaFruit and using this beautiful starter kit. It includes many components to start immediately some funny "wearable" projects! 

There is, of course, the Flora motherboard, a GPS module that can also do data-logging, 8 ultra-bright RGB pixels (and chainable), a battery support, batteries, two types of sewing wire of great CONDUCTOR quality (stainless steel), alligator clips for easier testing of components, a USB cable to program the Flora, and some components for making portable remotes (wearable)  (or TV-B-Gone!): NPN transistor, long-range infrared LEDs and corresponding resistances.  

This kit contains

  • FLORA motherboard
  • Ultimate GPS "wearable" for FLORA.
  • Eight RGB NeoPixels (v2) for FLORA.
  • A holder of 3 AAA batteries + JST connector and on/off switch.
  • Fine conductive sewing wire (stainless steel) - 2 strands - 25 meter
  • Medium sewing wire (stainless steel) - 3 strands - 18 meter
  • A set of sewing needles
  • Set of 12 alligator clips
  • A USB cable - A/MiniB - 1 meter
  • 4 AAA batteries
  • 2 NPN Bipolar transistors (PN2222)
  • 2 ultra-bright infrared LEDs of 5mm
  • 2 resistances of 100 Ohms

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