Shipping and delay during Covid-19

Operations at MC Hobby

MC Hobby is still operational and continue to work in respect of the containment rules. We are still sale goods on real stock so we can ship order every day.

The orders are still prepared in correct timing accordingly to the MC Hobby requirement. Preparation and shipment are done as soon as possible.
Please, remember that shipping delay is the concern of MC Hobby and delivery times is the concern of transporter. The delivery time in your region may depends on the the containment rules applicable in your region for the selected transporter.
Thank for your understanding.

Pickup and Mondial Relay

Pick are no more possible until further notice. This is a striclty followed rule.

Mondial Relay distribution network did suspended all its activities because of Covid-19... we do not ship anymore via Mondial Relay until further notice.

The goods that were under delivery are stored inside the Mondial Relay WareHouse until restart of deliveries (goods are safely stored).
We apologies for customer having goods locked in Mondial Relay's Warehouse, please be patient. The goods that will be returned to MC Hobby after the Mondial Relay lock down will be refund (as per standard MC Hobby's procedure), so no worries.
We will keep you informed about Mondial relay activities.

Postal shipping

Shipping via B-Post (Belgium) and Colissimo (France) are still availables.

Please track information about postal shipping in your region.

French poste have day-off Monday, Tuesday & Saterday. Delivery of small packages (34x26x26cm) at home is maintained. Some additional delay may be required by the post to process. The package size restriction is not an issue for MC Hobby and electronic stuff.

Please respect the social distanciation when collecting your package.

DHL shipping

DHL Shipping is still available.
Please respect the social distanciation when collecting your package.