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6 male pins JST-SH breakout - Horizontal


side-entry connector (to connect plug with wires)

  • JST-SH
  • 6 pins (male)

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Horizontal 6 pins JST-SH connector mounted on a breakout board

This simple board is an adapter between a JST SH-style 6-pins male connector and breadboard / Perfboard (having 2.54mm spacing).

It works with the 6-pin female JST SH-style cables (see below). This is great to access the geared micro-motor or to wire your own extension boards to a main project. Having 6 wire is quite good for controling several motors, controling a motor + getting access to encoder signals, wiring a SPI bus, having power + 4 signals.

The silkscreen on the bottom side of the board is labeled for the specific geared motor + rotary encoder  indicating which pin on the breakout board would correspond to which pin on the encoder.

This breakout is used with JST-SH 6 pins cables. We do have them in various length:


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