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FadeCandy - USB Controler for NeoPixels



Fadecandy, NeoPixel driver with dithering, which can be controlled via USB. Easy to implement and an advanced tool for professionals.

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Drive NeoPixels from a computer / Raspberry-Pi via USB interface

FadeCandy is the result of a new collaboration between Adafruit & Micah from Scanlime.
FadeCandy is a driver for NeoPixel, a driver that integrates frame management and can be controlled via USB (see our NeoPixel range).
See also this intro demo on YouTube.
FadeCandy is not only a hardware interface but a hardware + software component to facilitate the realization of an LED-based artistic project. With such a product, creators, makers and multimedia artists can focus on achieving a beautiful thing (rather than reinventing the wheel). It's an easy way to get started with NeoPixel and an advanced tool for professionals. FadeCandy, is a set of simple elements that work well together:  

  • Firmware - the micro software that uses unique algorithms for dithering and color correction... enough to raise the level of quality while you focus on your creativity. 
  • Open source hardware for connecting the popular NeoPixels LEDs (WS2811 on a laptop, desktop or Raspberry-Pi via a USB connection).
  • Fadecandy software server, which communicates with a FadeCandy card or ten FadeCandy cards. It runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS. This server also works on embedded platforms such as Raspberry-Pi.
  • The Open Pixel control protocol, to easily inject the graphic data (pixel data) of your creative tools into the FadeCandy server.
  • Libraries and examples for popular programming languages. Already available for Python and Processing (see Adafruit) and soon for Javascript and Mac. 
  • LEDs! Fadecandy works with the popular NeoPixel LEDs based on WS2811/WS2812 modules. Each controller card supports up to 512 LEDs, arranged in 8 strips of 64 LEDs each.

The connectors (Pin Header) are not included... but we have many models of connectors on our WebShop if you want to weld something on the pellets.

FadeCandy is designed to realize subtle, interactive and responsive artistic projects - exploring the interactions between lights, shapes and shadows. If you are tired of scrolling through projects with frenzied rainbow fades, you will love this new way to create expressive lighting effects!!   

FadeCandy is a particularly well tested product! The firmware was originally developed to animate the mobile plateform Ardent Mobile, a project "Burning Man" that uses 2500 LEDs to achieve a perpetual storm pattern in a cloud (the LEDs are in a translucent plastic sculpture). This project uses 5 FadeCandy cards and one Raspberry-Pi. The different effects were written in C and Python. The effects of lights on this project dazzle people and makes you aware of the potential of bright art. But such effects require a significant investment of technique and programming to go beyond the rainbow of light... to reach these magical territories where light effects become a complementary element of art (rather than a source of distraction that turns one's eyes away from the art object).    

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