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HAMGSM133 GSM/Mobile Module


Applicative mobile/GSM module - Autonomous, 2 Relay, 2 inputs - configuration via SMS

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You have you mobile in your hand... and it would be awesome to use this mobile to open a gate, switch on/off the alarm, active a device... retreive the state of a sensor, get a message when movement detector is activated, etc.
Here is a product that you may find quite interesting: it allows you to configure and control the board with SMS messages (protected with password). The board is also capable to send message notification.

This board made by Futura Elettronica also have "portal control" option. With this option proprely configured, you can activate a relay from a simple voice call toward the board (allow up to 200 phone number to be registered for that option).

The module also allows you to configure 8 master's phone number (from position 1 to 8). Thoses numbers will be able to receive notification and perform advanced actions on the module.

This product has been discovered while making a proof of concept for the  Hadès project (interacting with the Burg Wäcther module)

Restricted access

Only the phone numbers registered as master's phone (8 numbers max, must be done by the administrator) are allowed to interact with the board. Then master numbers are allowed to configure the board to append/remove up to 200 "portal control" phone numbers. The "Portal control" phone number can only activate the portal (when the portal functionnality has been configured by the administrator).

Tips and trick

When the board is powered for the first time (without previous configuration), the board is activated in a special mode during the 3 first minutes. During this time, the board the register the phone number of the first phone call (not hidden call) as master number (at the position 1). Then, this phone is allowed to be used to configure the board with SMS (this phone number will also been the phone used by the module to send confirmation SMS for the various commands).


  • GSM/GPRS module: SIM900 Quad (850/900/1800/1900MHz)
  • GPRS:
    • multi-slot classe: 10/8
    • mobile station classe: B
  • Output power:
    • class 4: 2W @ 850-900MHz
    • class 1: 1W @ 1800-1900MHz
  • Power supply: 9 à 32 V DC
  • Curent: 50mA (in sleep mode), 1A max (during communication).
  • Relay output: 2 (can be used to control small loads, <60V DC)
    • Max current: 10A
    • Each relay can receive ON / OFF instructions
    • The relay 1 can be configured in portal mode (in portal mode, the relay is activated during X seconds when it received a phone call from an authorized number)
    • The relay 1 can also been configured in bistable mode (invert the relay state each time it receive a phone call).
  • Digital input: 2
    • Protected with optocoupler
    • High level: 5~32V DC.
    • Low level: 0V DC
  • Master's phone number: 8
  • Size: 103 x 67 x 28mm (Length x Width x Height)
  • Weight: ±100g
  • Working temp: -10 ~ 55°C (14 ~ 131°F)
  • External antenna included (cable ~2m length).

This product will not work without some additional items:

  • Needed a SIM card (not included). The pin code must be removed.
  • Needed an external power supply (Recommended 12V with 1.5 Amp min)
  • Optionnal: an USB-Serial TTL module (if you want to configure the board with the supplier windows software, in english).
    As the board can be configured with SMS, this option is just more confortable.


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