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[T] - ARDX Extra Pack V1


An extra pack to accompany an ARDX Kit or equivalent

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Please note: this product is an additional pack and doesn't include an ARDX kit.


Here is an extra pack worthily accompanying an ARDX Kit. The additional elements it includes will allow you to design projects that go far beyond what the basic ARDX Kit allows ... Starting with the possibilities of text display.

Contents of the pack

  • 1 x LCD display 2x16 + Extra
    Allows a user-friendly interface to your projects, the display of configuration menu, log message or measurement result.
  • 1 x Infrared distance sensor - Sharp 80cm
    Useful for measuring the distance or presence of an object. Useful for your mobile or reactive assemblies (presence detection), etc.
  • 1 x Hall Effect Sensor + extra
    Used to detect the presence or absence of a magnetic field. The effect sensor is a real Swiss Army Knife. This sensor will be able to adapt to situations where a switch cannot be mounted. You can for example count the number of revolutions of a disc ... or the opening of a bin ... etc.
    Please note: doesn't include a magnet. You can find super-strong magnets on our WebShop.
  • 1 x Mini Infrared Kit
    Being able to intercept or transmit remote control signals can be very useful. Besides the daily device control, this kit contains an infrared diode and an infrared receiver ... enough to establish a one-way communication channel.
  • 1 x H-Bridge L293D
    This component is very popular with hobbyists because it allows you to easily take control of two continuous motors (in both directions) or 4 continuous motors (in one direction). It is a must in electronic prototyping.
  • 2 x Tilt Ball
    The tilt ball is a slightly special momentary switch because it uses balls to make electrical contact. This type of element can therefore be used to detect a sudden movement or stop (by acceleration effect), the "Tilt" effect of electric billiards, if your assembly is positioned at the place (like for example turning a doll/Furbis) or if it is shaken. Tilt Balls allow you to implement "original" interfaces.

Pre-requisites desired

Although documented on our wiki, the components proposed in this pack nevertheless require mastery of basic concepts offered in the ARDX Kit.

Having accomplished the different projects of the ARDX Kit or acquired equivalent knowledge is therefore an appreciable asset.



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