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Soldering training kit v1.1


  • Learn soldering
  • Create an Arduino Mini Lab
  • Learn Arduino's fundamentals

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Solder learning and Arduino mini-lab

Here is a workshop additional pack that can be used to make a "Solder Training" stage + mini lab for Arduino.
A nice add-ons for training/learning/workshop.

This kit includes the most common items used in the Arduino world and with this kit, you can learn how to solder them togheter.
This kit is composed of two distinct parts:

  • Part 1: we did place a prototyping plate on which you can make some soldering experiments with the pinHeader (1x6 pins) + 1x femalle connector 2 pins.
    You can add your own components to get more familiar with soldering (or components provided by the trainer). 
    Take a look to this page (Adafruit), you will find tips & tricks about soldering.
    You can also have alook to the MCHobby's Soldering video on YouTube (part 1 and part 2). They are in French
  • Part 2: we also included some components to elaborate an arduino's basic training kit... the necessary to learn the fundamentals of Arduino programming on breaboard (not included) then switch it on a perfboard (included).
    Those componants would help in create experiments around digital input/output, analog input, PWM output. Please find more information here under (some suggest).
  • Part 3: apply your brand new soldering skill from part 1 to solder solder your mini labs on the board.

This pack is centered around the "permaproto" perfboard (also exists in half size and large size), which is a prototyping board designed by Adafruit to be convenient, stylish and strong enough to satisfy beginner. The taps set (and attached) on the both side of the board, this would allows you to make several soldering operation on a single tap! The permaproto product are organised as the breadboard, you just need to transpose your project from the breadboard to the permaproto board. No need for extra engineering and additional wiring! :-) .

If you need more components for soldering tests, you can find various kit of components on our shop.


  • Discovering and solder training
  • Arduino mini lab (to solder).
    Here is the componants used in the Arduino Mini-Lab.
    • A CdS (photo-resistor) - use an analog input to read the ambian light level, the presence of someone near of the sensor or the creation of a Theremin instrument
    • A piezo buzzer - to alert the user, discover the signal modulation and the sound, play music and create the Theremin instrument by using the photo-resistor.
    • A bit of wire (red, black, yellow) to finish up the wiring on the board.

Cursus suggestion

  • Arduino Installing
  • First step - Blink the onboard led wired on pin #13
  • Wiring and using Leds
  • Discover the Serial Debugger - see the messages sent with Serial.println()
  • Wire the button and detect when it is pressed
  • Software unboucing of the button - avoids accidental repetition
  • Exercice:
    • Switch off the red led when the button is pressed
    • Blink the green led 5x when the button is pressed (the red led must stay off while the green one is blinking)
  • Exercice:
    • Create a trafic light and activate the RED position for 20 sec when the button is pressed. Respect the trafic light state changes.
    • Create the trafic light... but this time, stay in the RED position until the button is pressed a second time. Then switch back to the GREEN position.
  • Discover the PMW - PWM can be used ont the pin 9 and 10 to control the brightness of a LED.
  • The potentiometer - read analog value
  • Exercice:
    • Use the pot to control the brightness of the red LED (by using PWM and the map MAP function)
    • Create a small K200 effect with the 3 LEDs and use the pot to control the lightning speed.
  • The TMP36 temperature sensor - read analog value
    • Use the TMP36 and the LEDs to show the comfort state of the room (green => 25°C, red < 25°C).
      Display the actual temperature on the serial monitor.
      Touch the TMP36 with you finger to change the sensor's temperature.
    • Add the following functionnality to the previous scketch:
      Use the pot to fix the reference temperature (between 15°C to 30°C).
      Show the reference temperature on the serial monitor.
    • Add the following functionnality to the previous scketch:
      Light up the orange LED when the heating must run.
    • Advance user: apply a -1°C and +1°C hysteresis aroung the reference temp.
    • Advance user: dynamic control of the heating power (LED orange). More the difference with the reference temperature is high... more you should power the heater.


This kit contains the essential items. Here is a list of components (bulk components) that can also be used for the solder training.
More you will test and solder... and more rapidely you will be able to make fast and clean solders.

The following bulk component kits can be used to feed additional training material during workshop session.

We can also suggest some other kit to solder... to extend your pratical skil:


Thoses links are french reference... but images are sometime enough to move forward.


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