Kit Arduino ESERO - BMP
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Kit Arduino ESERO - Datalog + BMP280

Kit découverte Arduino - ESERO

  • Kit demarrage Arduino
  • Assortiment de composant
  • Datalog shield
  • TMP36
  • BMP280
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Here is a kit of components designed to environmental data exploration. If you can log data (write to a file) like pressure variation at floor level, this kit was made to learn the variation of pressure and temperature vs altitude.
The pressure diminue as the altitude increase (take a look to our article about the PNM pressure - pressure normalised at sea level)

This kit allows you to create an introduction workshop with an overview of basic input/ouput with Arduino to switch followed by a data capture + data logging session.

Some soldering operations should be foreseen (See also this "Soldering training kit" if you need to train about soldering).

Courses sample:

  • Installing Arduino
  • First step - Blink the board LED wired on the pin #13
  • Wire and control an external LED
  • Use the Serial Debugger - See the messages sent with Serial.println()
  • Detect the pressure on a button
  • Software unbouncing (for inputs like button)
  • Exercice:
    • Turn off the red LED when the button is pressed
    • Blink the green LED (5 times) when the button is pressed. The Red LED must be switch off during green LED blinking.
  • The TMP36, temperature sensor with analog output
  • The BMP280, barometric senseur - display the pression and temperature
    A first introduction to advance I2C bus sensor
  • DataLogger Shield - initialize the real time clock
  • DataLogger Shield - Write environemental data on the SD Card
    • Use the CSV file format (basic tabular data storage for spreadsheet software)
    • The TMP36 temperature data
    • The BMP280 pressure and temperature data
  • Reuse the saved data in spreadsheet - graphical display


This kit is composed of the following:

Data sheet
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