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Kit d'expérimentation Arduino FRANCAIS (Uno R3) - Adafruit ARDX - v1.3 View larger

[T] - Kit d'expérimentation pour Arduino- ARDX v1.3b

ARDX v1.4

Arduino Learning and Experimentation Kit very complete with online documentation available in French. A must to discover the Arduino universe.  

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MC Hobby is currently supplying an R3 version of Arduino Uno in this kit. 

Interested in creating smart objects and projects with an Arduino but you don't know where to start? This kit includes parts to realize 13 different montages and has an online French documentation or French documentation on A4 paper (available separately) and assembly sheets (the original kit in English). All you need to start playing in the first minutes. And no need to weld!

Includes a Thru-hole, THM version of the Arduino Uno R3.

Arduino Uno R3 in its latest version after the Duemilanove with an improved hardware USB interface. Like the Duemilanove, it has a header extension for shield with a reference to 3.3V, a RESET pin (which solves the famous problem of "how to reset with a shield"), a 500mA fuse to protect the USB port of your computer but also a circuit to automatically select the power supply between USB port and the independent power supply (without jumper!).
The Uno version is compatible with pinout and programming with Duemilanove (older Diecimilla and Arduinos). So, all your shields, libraries and codes will still work.  
The new R3 (3rd revision) of the Arduino Uno includes some minor upgrades, with an upgrade of the USB interfacing hardware and a pinout extension for I2C pins and an IORef pin. Visit the Adafruit FAQ (our provider) for more information on Arduino UNO, revision 3 and what the update entails.

Be aware that this kit is also available in extended version under the name of ARDX PLUS, even more equipment for more fun and discovery. 


  • 13 montages to explore the basics of the micro controller. Covering: LEDs, transistors, motors, integrated circuits, push buttons, variable resistors, photo resistors, temperature sensors and relays.
  • Supplied with an Arduino Uno prototyping bundle(*) (the latest version) to facilitate the mount of your circuits and future projects. 
  • An online version of the experiment guide translated into French accessible on the Wiki of MC Hobby.
  • The possibility of obtaining a paper version of the French translation of the ARDX.
    This helps support our various translation work on the Wiki.
  • Totally "open source", which means you can download and print mount plans , or download graphic elements to make your own circuits.
  • Totally "open source" also means that MC Hobby also puts its sources and translations to provisions on MCHobby Wiki (including the ARDX)
  • A cardboard storage box.


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