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Feather are microcontroler's based development board designed by Adafruit that shortly became a new standard. As mentionned by their name, the Feathers are small and light. Feather can also be powered by Lipoly batteries and are suited for embeded projects. Feather exists with a variety of microcontroler as Atmel 32U4, Cortex M0 or M4, ESP8266, ESP32 and many other. The Feather ecosystem involve extension board named Feather Wings (or FeatherWing for short)

[T] - Header pour Feather
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Connecteur pour Feather - 12 pin et 16 pin
[T] - Feather Neopixel
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Carte d'extension NeoPixel 4 x 8 Leds RGB, pour toutes les cartes Feather
TFT FeatherWing 3.5" Touch - 480x320
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Color TFT 3.5" FeatherWing
16 bits colors
480 x 320 pixels
SPI Interface
Touch interface (SPI)
microSD connector (SPI)