Microcontroler boards

Microcontroler board

There are many microncontroler boards et microcontroler are quire populars since Arduino. Many of our micrcontoler boards are Arduino compatible and we also propose Python oriented MicroControlers.
This category contains many microcontrolers (Arduino have their own category), all are quality products with their own advantages.

M5Stack : ESP32 kit - D0WD (IoT dev) Core 2
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Development platform ESP32, CORE2
ESP32 D0WD-V3 @ 240 Mhz
16Mb Flash, 8Mb PSRAM
Touch screen
Ultra low power sleep mode
2", 320x240, ILI9342C
390 mAh Lipo
Motorized return (haptic)
SD, Grove, Micro, IMU, RTC
Power management
I2S audio
MicroPython, Arduino, UIFlow
Teensy 4.0 - Cortex-M7 - without connector
Cortex M7, 600Mhz
2048K Flash (64K recovery & EEPROM emulation), 1024K RAM, ROM emulated
40 inputs/output
3 CAN Bus
2 I2S digital audio
1 S/PDIF digital audio
1 SDIO (Native SD)
3 x SPI
3 x I2C
7 x UART
32 DMA channels
31 PWM
14 analog input
Power management

6x6 RGB LED Matrix for Pyboard-D
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TILE RGB LED matrix board
6 x 6 RGB LED
TILE connector
I2C interface (0xc4)
for WBUS DIP68 or WBUS DIP28
[T] - Trinket Pro 5V - Atmega328P, 16 Mhz
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The Trinket Pro 5V combines everything we love about Trinket with the familiarity of the heart of an Arduino, the ATmega328. It's like an Arduino Pro Mini with extra pins and a USB connector.
PYBD Butterfly for Pyboard-D, breakout of X-Y position
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KIT PYBD adaptateur board (Pyboard-D)
Breakout of positions X & Y
1x Connecteur UEXT (I2C+SPI+UART)
1x StemmaQT / Qwiic (I2C)
2x Groove (I2C, UART)
3.3v & GND rails
UART & I2C connectors
prototyping board fro PYBStick
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Prototyping board for PYBStick
Prototyping Area
Power terminals
3x PYBStick breakouts
1x Raspberry GPIO (connector)
2x Grove (connector)
1x UEXT (connector)
[T] - Trinket Pro 3.3V - Atmega328P, 12 Mhz
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Le Trinket Pro 3V combine tout ce que nous aimons dans le Trinket avec la familiarité du coeur d'un Arduino, l'ATmega328. C'est comme un Arduino Pro Mini avec des broches en plus et un connecteur USB.