Microcontroler boards

Microcontroler board

There are many microncontroler boards et microcontroler are quire populars since Arduino. Many of our micrcontoler boards are Arduino compatible and we also propose Python oriented MicroControlers.
This category contains many microcontrolers (Arduino have their own category), all are quality products with their own advantages.

M5Stack : DDS signal generator (STM32F0 + AD9833), Grove
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Numeric signal generator / DDS
Wave: sine, triangle, square, sawtooth
Output: 0 to 0.6V
Freq: 0 to 1 MHz
Freq resolution: 28 bits
Phase resolution: 11 bits
Interface: I2C (0x31, via STM32F031G4x)
Buffered output via OpAmp
PYB Nano - MicroPython development board
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PYB Nano - MicroPython Development board
STM32 F411CEU6 @ 100 Mhz
512 Kb Internal Flash
8 Mo external Flash
Compatible Pyboard
Feather nRF52840 sense
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Feather Bluetooth LE with sensors
Gyro / Accel LSM6DS33
Lux, proximity, movement: APDS9960
Humidity SHT
Pressure, temp.: BMP280
Feather Atmega328P 3.3V 8 Mhz
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Feather ATmega328P (classique 'Arduino' microcontroler)
Logique: 3.3V
ATmega 328P @ 8MHz
Flash: 32K
Ram: 2K
Chargeur Accu Lipo
GPIO: 19 + 2 broches entrée-analogique-uniquement.6x PWM, 8x entrée analogique.
Compatible: Arduino Pro Mini, Adafruit Metro 328
30A relay module, Grove
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Relay module 5V 30A
Grove connector
Power: 5V
Digital interface (5V and 3.3V)
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M5Stack : potentiometer, Grove
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A mini angle/potentiometer Grove module
10K Ohms potentiometer
Analog output
GROVE connector
Lego Compatible (mechanically)
U005 module
M5Stack : Hall Effect Sensor Grove
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A mini Hall Effect Sensor, Grove module
A3144E + 74HC08D (logic)
3.3V Logic
Digital output (Low = Active)
Module U084