Microcontroler boards

Microcontroler board

There are many microncontroler boards et microcontroler are quire populars since Arduino. Many of our micrcontoler boards are Arduino compatible and we also propose Python oriented MicroControlers.
This category contains many microcontrolers (Arduino have their own category), all are quality products with their own advantages.

30A relay module, Grove
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Relay module 5V 30A
Grove connector
Power: 5V
Digital interface (5V and 3.3V)
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6x6 RGB LED Matrix for Pyboard-D
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TILE RGB LED matrix board
6 x 6 RGB LED
TILE connector
I2C interface (0xc4)
for WBUS DIP68 or WBUS DIP28
Adafruit CRICKIT for Feather
In Stock
Crickit - Creative Robotics & Interactive Construction Kit
for all the les Feather
MakeCode, Arduino, CircuitPython
interface I2C
4x Servo Motor controler -OR- Analog
2x DC motor controler (PWM)
4x Power output (relay, solenoid, etc)
4x Capacitive input
8x digital I/O (or analog input)
1x NeoPixel LED controler
1x Audio amplifier (selectable pin)