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There are many microncontroler boards et microcontroler are quire populars since Arduino. Many of our micrcontoler boards are Arduino compatible and we also propose Python oriented MicroControlers.
This category contains many microcontrolers (Arduino have their own category), all are quality products with their own advantages.


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  • Arduino

    Arduino is an Open-Source electronic prototyping plateforme with a large community, a lot of documentation and many many samples. The Arduino plateform is a simple board with input / output pins that can be used to create autonomous projects -or- projects connected to a computer and interacting with the world. Arduino IDE is a graphical development environment running on Windows, Mac and Linux. Arduino is addapted for any skill level.
    Arduino is a great plateform to experiment and discover microcontroler programming or quickly create small projects.

  • Pico / RP2040

    The Pico is a dual core microcontroler and a board designed by the Raspberry-Pi foundation. With an afforable price, the Pico could make a revolution in the MicroControler world (as the Pi does for nano computers). The Pico does have many GPIOs, common buses (SPI, I2C, UART) and NeoPixel support. You can program it with C/C++ or with MicroPython (Yahoo!)... it is a OpenSource plateform. The board does have an extensive documentation and the full support of the Raspberry-Pi foundation.

  • MicroPython

    MicroPython is a optimized version of Python 3 for embeded systems.
    PyBoard, the MicroPython board is a small microcontroler board able to run MicroPython on bare metal. Thanks to MicroPython, you have a python operating system working on a board and you can use it to control many electronic project. Whoaw, too much!... I Love It!!!

  • PYBStick

    PYBStick is a microcontoler board Made In France by Garatronic. The PYBStick is propeled by a STM32 microcontroler. It can be programmed with Arduino IDE or with MicroPython (Python for Microcontoler). The PYBStick is a project made togheter by MCHobby & Garatronic to make the microcontroler programming available to the masse. Its price is very low and the documentation is quite good. It is a suited plateforme for learning electronic and programing. It is suited for maker, education and skilled user.

  • M5Stack (ESP)

    M5Core & StickV (M5Stick) from M5Stack are products from a complete ecosystem based on ESP32. It offers a prototyping product and a hardware based solution. With M5Stack you have an IoT plateform with a exceptional finish while it is still affordable for the DIY makers. As M5Stack is based on ESP32 then the development can be conducted with Arduino IDE, MicroPython or UIFlow (code block like from M5Stack). 

    At MCHobby, we did also selected the M5Stack because of its MicroPython support (we are MicroPython addicted).

  • Feather

    Feather are microcontroler's based development board designed by Adafruit that shortly became a new standard. As mentionned by their name, the Feathers are small and light. Feather can also be powered by Lipoly batteries and are suited for embeded projects. Feather exists with a variety of microcontroler as Atmel 32U4, Cortex M0 or M4, ESP8266, ESP32 and many other. The Feather ecosystem involve extension board named Feather Wings (or FeatherWing for short)

  • Trinket, ItsyBitsy &...

    METRO is THE Arduino compatible created by Adafruit Industries, it is reliable and efficient. With metro, you have all the standard microcontrolers used on Arduino plateforms (ATmega328, M0, 32U4, ...) with the same form factor and pinout to connect your shields.

    TRINKET are smaller but powerful! The Trinket est perfect if you want to replace your prototyping (Uno/Mega/ect) with something smaller and cheaper. TRINKET can be programmed with the ARDUINO IDE as any other Arduino compatible boards!

    ITSYBITSY just fits in between METRO and TRINKET.

  • Flora & Gemma

    Flora & Gemma are wearable development plateform designed by Adafruit Industries. Arduino Compatible, Flora is easy to use and have many sensors. This plateforme is suited to make electronics on clothing or objects, to create interactive cloth and toys. You can also use conductive paint to created interactive artwork, E-Textile.

  • A-Star

    The A-Star (A*) product line from Pololu are very compact microcontoler plateform. A-Star are modules that can be programmed via their micro USB plug (like Arduino does) and have GPIOs, PWM output and analog input as any other microcontroler. The A* are preloaded with an Arduino Compatible bootloader.

  • Arduino compatible

    There are mnany Arduino compatible plateform with various form factor. As an exemple, the BoarDuino is compatible with Arduino UNO and is breadboard breadboard Frendly and offer a more powerful voltage regulator. The Green is a Mega board compatible and the Yellow is a UNO compatible with incredible manufacturing. The Wattuino is a "Arduino Pro Mini" compatible with very small size and is perfect for project integration at low cost.

  • Autres plateformes

    Other microcontroler based plateform