Batteries, wall adapter, Lipo charger, battery pack, assemblies.... Short, anything that could be able to give power to your project or your prototype.

12v 5A power bloc
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12v 5Amp Power supply, Continuous current
19V power supply - 65W (3.42A)
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Power Supply 19V
Output voltage: 19V DC current
Power: 65W, 3.42 Amp
Jack plug 5.5mm, positive center
5V 5A regulator, Step-up, U3V50F5
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U3V50F5 DC-DC converter, 5V 5A max, Step-Up
Output voltage: 5V
Input voltage: from 2.9V
Input current: 5A max
24V power supply - 72W (3A)
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Power Supply 24V
Output voltage: 24V DC current
Power: 72W, 3 Amp
Jack plug 5.5mm, positive center