Raspberry PI 3

The Raspberry Pi 3 is a nano computer with 4 cores build on a single board. It is a NANO computer designed by the Raspberry Pi foundation in United Kingdom. The Raspberry Pi was created to stimulate the fundamental computer science learning at school. Build around a Boardcom ARM processor and including WiFi and Bluetooth technologies, the Raspberry-Pi is also well known for its 40 pins GPIO (General Purpose Input Output). Thank to the GPIO, user can connect extension board (named HAT) or devices / sensor to collect environmental data (or acting on the world). The design does not includes Hard Drive but use a microSD card to store the operating système and user files. Raspberry Pi® and its logo are trademarks from the Raspberry Pi foundation. See raspberrypi.org for more information or wikipedia ( fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raspberry_Pi ).


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  • Pi Camera

    The Pi Camera (alias PiCam) is a camera module for the Raspberry-Pi. With this module, you can capture high-definition image or recording videos. With its 8 MegaPixels résolution (or 5 MegaPixel depending on the camera model), you can drive the PiCam with python script, shell command or C code. The Pi Camera is a wonderful add-on for your Raspberry-Pi.

  • Raspberry's Kits

    Raspberry-Pi kits. Pack and kits made to discover various activities with the Raspberry Pi. Music, MediaCenter, Electronic Hacking, basic kit, etc .... You will find what you need for in this category.

  • Raspberry Case

    Having a Raspberry Pi is really great but having it into a case is even better. From the most basic case to the more elabrated case, this category propose lot of models for professional application, DIY usage or a nice case to protect your Pi.

  • Ecrans TFT, LCD, etc

    Create portable projects by adding a TFT screen to your Raspberry-Pi. Small, wide, touch screen, HDMI based, DSI based or GPIO's based screens are availables from this categoy. All you need to transform your beloved Pi in an attractive, portable and interactive object. Exceptional add-on for an exceptional plateform.

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Showing 43 - 63 of 74 items