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Raspberry PI 3

The Raspberry Pi 3 is a nano computer with 4 cores build on a single board. It is a NANO computer designed by the Raspberry Pi foundation in United Kingdom. The Raspberry Pi was created to stimulate the fundamental computer science learning at school. Build around a Boardcom ARM processor and including WiFi and Bluetooth technologies, the Raspberry-Pi is also well known for its 40 pins GPIO (General Purpose Input Output). Thank to the GPIO, user can connect extension board (named HAT) or devices / sensor to collect environmental data (or acting on the world). The design does not includes Hard Drive but use a microSD card to store the operating système and user files. Raspberry Pi® and its logo are trademarks from the Raspberry Pi foundation. See raspberrypi.org for more information or wikipedia ( fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raspberry_Pi ).

USB-SATA converter
In Stock
Convertisseur USB-Sata
USB 2.0
30 MB/s
OSHW Certified
Silent fan cooler for Raspberry-Pi
In Stock
Fan for Raspberry-Pi
MK2 revision (01/2021) - GPIO non accessible
Silent... for real!
Low consumption
Low profile
PWM driven (if needed)
Grove connection points
Raspberry Pi Camera Cable Extension via HDMI
In Stock
Use HDMI cable to extend the Pi Camera ribbon over a long distance
2x Camera Pi <--> HDMI  conversion board
Conversion between CSI standard <--> HDMI standard
5m (tested), 10m (theorical)