Motor and robotics

Motor & robotic

The motors and servo motors are the arms and the legs of your project. Thank to motors, you will be able to gives life in your assemblies, your project would will be capable to make tasks for you. With the servo motor, they will be placed at a given angular position, the stepper motor would only turns of a given angle upon electronic's order and DC motor (hobby motor) would be able to propel any plateform.

TMC2208 - Silent stepper Motor controler
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Step motor controler TMC2208
A4988 compatible
Silent Stepstick
MicroStepping: 1/256 step max
Motor voltage: 5.5V à 36V
Motor current: 1.2A per coil (2A peak)
Logic level 3.3 and 5V
Current limiter
[T] - Roue pour Servo
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Une roue + caoutchouc pour servo à rotation continu.
Stepper controler, 36v4, 4A
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Stepper controleur 36v4 - micro-stepping
MicroStepping: 1/256 step
Motor voltage: 8 - 50V
Logic: 1.8V, 3.3V & 5.8V
Motor current: 4A Max per coil (6A peak en pointe)
Configurable via SPI
STEP/DIR control (or full control via SPI)
Based on DRV8711 + external MOSFET