Motor and robotics

Motor & robotic

The motors and servo motors are the arms and the legs of your project. Thank to motors, you will be able to gives life in your assemblies, your project would will be capable to make tasks for you. With the servo motor, they will be placed at a given angular position, the stepper motor would only turns of a given angle upon electronic's order and DC motor (hobby motor) would be able to propel any plateform.

2 Wheel robot kit
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2 Wheel robot kit - ultra-light platform - motors included   
12V Fan 50x50mm
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50x50x10mm Fan
75mA @ 12V
18.68 m³/h
4700 rpm
25.6 dBa @ 1m
Needle bearing
Sunon EE50101S2-1000U-999
MAQUEEN for Micro:bit
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micro: Maqueen - Robotic plateform for learning
for Micro:bit
2 Wheel
Ultrasonic distance sensor
Robot Arm Kit for Romi - Black
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Robotic Arm kit for Romi
2 servos to control the arm.
1 gripper (with additionnal micro servo).
Gripper can be mounted vertically or horizontaly
Romi controler board (32U4)
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Controler board for ROMI - Arduino and Raspberry-Pi compatible
Processor: 32U4 @ 16 Mhz (RAM 2 Kb, FLASH 32 Kb)
Motor driver: DRV8838 (2.5 to 10.8V, 1.8A per channel)
logic level: 5V
Arduino Bootloader
MP6500 stepper motor controler
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MP6500 stepper motor controler
Micro-stepping 1/8 step max
Motor 4.5V to 35V
Current 1.5A (2.5A peak)
Logic 3.3v - 5v
Current limiter