ODroid N2 - 6 cores - 4 Go Ram - Passive


ODROID-N2 is a passive nano computer with 6 cores and one of the most powerful development nano computer on the market in the ARM world. With its DDR4 RAM (2 or 4Go), its Gigabit Ethernet port, a high quality DAC, this board is great for home theater application, a computer to crawl on the Net, a gaming console et social tool. The ODROID-N2 is a compact desktop tool, school computer, prototyping peripheral for makers (with a 3.3V GPIO 3.3V), domotic system controler, a development working station and many more.

Odroid N2 - 4Go RAM
ODroid N2
CPU: S992x with Quad Cores Cluster + Dual Cores
GPU: Mali-G52 6EE
Clock: 1.8 Ghz
4 Go RAM (DDR4 @ 1.32 GHz)
Large Heatsink (reduce CPU throttling)